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Are you ready to start, something beautiful and new? Are you prepared to make a powerful shift in your life, and live your authentic truth? Are you willing to transcend your limiting beliefs and write your story?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, I would be honoured to help guide you on this remarkable, transformative and powerful transition.

Book your appointment now and the one-of-a-kind, beautiful magic will begin.

And suddenly you know. It is time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings.
— Meister Eckhart




In life, many of us struggle to find our purpose — to find the clarity, confidence and tools we need to move forward and live as our authentic selves.

Whether you need fresh ideas from a new perspective, tools to help propel you forward as you discover your true purpose and meaning in life, or to develop the confidence necessary to help you achieve your goals, mentorship could be just what you need.

In my practice, I have worked with people from all walks of life from college and university students, to stay-at-home mothers, to businesswomen.

With the support and mentorship I can offer you, you’ll achieve more than you’ve ever thought possible in just eight short weeks. You’ll gain much-needed clarity, walk away with useful tools to help you in your everyday life and perhaps best of all, you’ll feel empowered.

Mentorship sessions can take place within my practice space, over the phone or through Skype – whatever is most convenient for you.

Outside of our formal sessions, I will send you customized material you will find useful and interesting to help you on your powerful journey.


$200 for 1 hour clarity call and or/in-person meeting

$800 for eight week program

$2,000 for 90 day program



Group Mentorship

Whether you're a leader within a large corporate environment or a small company, there’s no doubt managing a diverse group of individuals can be overwhelming and challenging at times. My group mentoring sessions can help.

Much like with my individual mentorship clients, I work closely with managers/owners/etc. to identify and develop team empowerment objectives.

Perhaps your team needs encouragement when it comes to networking, assistance with successfully closing sales, guidance and coaching on how to drive and maintain peak performance or to develop enhanced  confidence?

As a business mentor, I am here to serve you and your company and propel you forward.

For more information on what Group Mentorship sessions involve, please see my section on Mentorship.

Pricing: Costs vary depending on the unique needs of each company and what the owners/managers are hoping to achieve through group mentorship programming. Complimentary estimates are available. Please do not hesitate to contact me for any additional information you may require.



Reiki — an ancient complementary medicine that originated in Japan in the 1900s — combines the healing, loving power of touch with life-force energy.

This healing modality offers mental clarity, aids in the release of negative feelings and emotions and helps to relieve stress and promote restorative relaxation. It can also beneficially balance the energy centres of the body.

Mental Clarity

Connect with your intuition, also known as your Higher Self. With Reiki, you’ll face challenging issues head-on with more ease and lucidity.

Emotional Cleansing

Relieve negative feelings and emotions that weigh you down. Allow me to help you let go of the past and move towards a better you.

Physical Health

Relieve stress and promote relaxation. Following a Reiki session, you’ll experience a delightful sense of overall well-being.

Energetic Balancing

Balance the energy centres of your body. With Reiki you'll experience total well-being emotionally, spiritually and mentally.

Reiki treatments include affirmation card readings

Pricing: $120.00 for (one time) initial 90-minute session

Pricing: $80.00 for a 120-minute session


Integrated Energy Therapy® (IET) is a safe, gentle, nurturing way to empower and balance your life by helping you release patterns of the past for good.

Feelings and sensations are stored in the cells of the body much like facts are stored in the cells of the brain. Negative or traumatic experiences, stress, unexpressed emotion, fear, anger, resentment or self-limiting beliefs can become “stuck” (or suppressed) in the body and inhibit or disrupt the flow of vital life force at a cellular level. These energy blockages limit our experience of life and can result in a lack of spontaneity, energy depletion, a feeling of unrest, agitation or dis-ease.

IET uses a unique Cellular Memory Map® to target specific areas in the body where these “cellular memories” are stored, helping to release them on all levels – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. As these blocks are cleared, the suppressed charge of energy dissipates and your energy field is re-balanced. The more your energy body opens and vital life force can flow freely through it, the closer you move to a natural state of being: pure joy.

Pricing: $120 for a 90-minute session




For centuries, reflexology – a natural, healing art been used to treat the whole body. Those suffering from everything from anxiety, premenstrual syndrome, stress, headaches and depression have utilized the treatment’s therapeutic properties to find a reprieve from their symptoms.

Those who have experienced the powers of reflexology praise its ability to relax the mind and body and release built-up tension; improve their circulation; boost their lymphatic function; improve digestive health; and stimulate a sluggish or congested system.


Reflexology treatment for 60 minutes: $65

Reiki and Reflexology:  $120 for a 90-minute treatment which includes an affirmation card reading.


Seminar and Motivational Speaking

Organizations, businesses and social and community groups have had me host informational seminars and provide motivational speaking.

Have an event coming up? Please reach out to me for more information. I’d love to help those within your group move forward on their personal journeys.


Happy Healthy Women

When women support each other, incredible things can happen. A community made up of more than 15,000 women passionate about leading happier, healthier and more successful lives — together.

This, beautiful souls, is Happy Healthy Women.

Founded by Natalie Colalillo, Happy Healthy Women is based on a strong foundation of love and support. With the tagline “Be inspired, take action, live healthy, be healthy”, Happy Healthy Women is comprised of strong dreamers, doers and achievers who have the admirable goal to continue growing into the best version of themselves, with the loving, encouraging support of other women.

Through social events, workshops, networking opportunities and retreats, we share openly, network, and support each other on our journeys. It's a truly beautiful thing when women lift one another up to help achieve their respective goals and celebrate each other's accomplishments.

Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom, a working executive or you are between careers, today’s jam-packed schedules can be overwhelming and exhausting for even the most organized of women! This is why it's vital you carve out time in your calendar to participate in Happy Healthy Women's gatherings and events, where you’ll instantly be surrounded by radiant, loving women, ready to support you and be supported themselves.

Please consider joining this collective of supportive women in your community the seed for your next chapter, and move forward knowing you'll flourish with our total encouragement, love and support.